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With complaints about mood swings, pathological laziness, cravings for sweets and lack of libido, you are unlikely to go to the doctor. And in vain. All these symptoms can be signs of hormonal disorders.
Our endocrine system (that is, all the glands and tissues responsible for the production of hormones) weighs an average of 100 grams. And he is responsible for a good hundred physiological processes.

And not only – bad habits, for example, can also be a consequence of the game of hormones. So, pills from laziness, bickering and love for cakes all the same exist (but, in time correcting a way of life, you will manage without them, we promise).

I’m sleeping badly

If you sleep for 7 to 8 obligatory hours, but you feel overwhelmed (in the transport now and then you strive to lie down on your neighbor’s shoulder – familiar?), Then, for sure, do not fulfill the most important rule – to go to bed on time. But what does it mean in time? The endocrinologist, cms answers. Marina Berkovskaya: “Ideally, you need to sleep before 23:00. Those who are awake at midnight have a low level of melatonin (sleep hormone, immunomodulator, stressor protector, antidepressant) and growth hormone (regulates carbohydrate metabolism, “fights” with fatty deposits). But the stress hormone cortisol in convinced owls is produced in abundance. All this can cause a syndrome of chronic fatigue, neuroses, obesity and significantly reduce the quality of life ”
I do not have sex

Down with domostroevskie duty: to burn, flutter and burn desire 24 hours a day is not required even the most emancipated women. Moreover, a decrease in libido during pregnancy, breastfeeding or before the onset of menstruation can be the norm-the prolactin and progesterone hormones that are produced during these periods are “to blame.” Stress and the excess of cortisol associated with it is another valid reason for abstinence (and a good reason to visit a doctor). To a specialist, by the way, it is worthwhile to address also, if the libido suddenly sharply and pathologically intensified. “Such a symptom can speak of an androgen-producing tumor of the adrenal gland or ovary,” the endocrinologist warns.

I do not want to go in for sports

Another alarming fact is from Marina Berkovskaya: almost any hormonal imbalance leads to a decrease in endurance and tolerance to physical exertion. But do not rush to turn in the direction of the clinic every time when you pass around the gym unkindly. “Normally fatigue is always due to external factors, it passes after rest and is not accompanied by other complaints,” explains Berkovskaya. – If you feel fatigue, laziness, apathy constantly and at the same time you have any other complaints (gastrointestinal disorders, frequent ARI, deterioration of the skin condition, etc.), you need to search for the cause with your doctor. Including with an endocrinologist. ”
Constantly want sweet

The good news: at least once a month we have every right to chocolate and cakes. “Due to the natural hormonal fluctuations of women often pulls on the sweet before menstruation, it can be considered a variant of the norm,” the expert explains. The bad news: even in this “privileged” period, excess sugar harms our health. How not to go insane? There is fat! Yes, yes, fat cheese or cottage cheese, nuts, avocado, cream, coconut perfectly satiates and reduces the pathological need for glucose. The main thing is not to combine such food with sugar and other simple carbohydrates.
I have mood swings

For us, mood swings, imbalance and tearfulness are unpleasant traits of character. For the endocrinologist – anxious symptoms. “Panic disorders, phobias, attacks of aggression are typical complaints of patients with adrenal exhaustion, thyrotoxicosis (excess of thyroid hormones), progesterone deficiency, pathological excess of cortisol,” says Dr. Berkovskaya. If, by minimizing the level of stress, you continue to panic – make a note to the doctor. In this case, without magic tablets, most likely, not to do.


A reminder for those who take combined oral contraceptives.

Modern hormonal contraceptives have not only a contraceptive effect. By adjusting the level of hormones, such pills have a beneficial effect on the skin condition, reduce menstrual pain, help to lose weight. But it if the patient is healthy and the doctor has correctly picked up a preparation.
Often when taking such drugs, there are signs of a deficiency of B group vitamins (weakness, fatigue, nervousness, frequent ARI). All these conditions are corrected – sometimes it is enough to support the body with vitamins or minerals. Or change the drug to a more suitable one. Telling doctors that you are taking contraceptives, you always need – it does not matter, the gynecologist is in front of you, a cardiologist or a therapist. But do not forget that before starting any medication should consult with a doctor.

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