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We continue to talk about hormones, their benefits and proper application. In this article, endocrinologist Natalya Zubareva talks about the dangers that await patients with mindless application of hormonal drugs.

Patients can be divided into two types: the first thoughtlessly smear on themselves and take inside everything that the doctor prescribed, advised the pharmacist in the pharmacy or girlfriend, often engaged in self-medication on the Internet; the second ones are afraid of hormones, as a draftee of the military commissariat, and even if the potential advantage outweighs the hypothetical danger, they will still try to do without them through the truths and wickedness. But at the same time they safely take antibiotics, which are dangerous for the body. And if it’s a child, multiply the panic by two.

So, what are the dangerous hormonal drugs? To begin with, the greatest danger threatens you when you start taking medication without first taking tests and consulting the doctor. Even if you read a lot on this topic yourself. Ah, if everything in medicine was so simple, doctors would have lost their jobs long ago. Hormonal remedies are a powerful weapon, and to use them in cases that are not worth it, it’s like shooting a cannon on sparrows.
Let’s start with the children. To children hormonal ointments are appointed more often for treatment of various allergic reactions. I always recommend starting with a nutrition adjustment, and in the vast majority of cases a stiff diet brings remarkable results. This, by the way, is important for healthy children – dubious quality chocolate eggs and other traditional “childish” delicacies from supermarkets are useless to anyone.

But if your child has been suffering from allergies for a long time, diet and non-hormonal ointments do not help, look carefully, than you smear. Read the instruction – these medications have many unpleasant side effects and contraindications. Hormonal drugs, which are based on synthetic glucocorticoids, help well, interrupting the chain of chemical reactions in the body, leading to the development of inflammation. But with prolonged use, they can cause disturbances in the work of the adrenal glands or even cause the development of Cushing’s syndrome.

And if you decide to use hormonal ointments, properly cancel the drug so as not to cause unwanted reaction of the body. My advice is to look at the child’s condition, try to get by with minimal hormonal forces and choose a less potent method, because these ointments are divided into four groups: from weak to strong.

In my book “The Waltz of Hormones” I detail how important is the proper work of hormones for the female body at any age and how easy it is to knock down all the settings. Of course, there are cases when it is absolutely impossible to get everything back to normal without hormonal drugs. But for the prescription – only to the doctor. With the wrong choice of the drug or dosage, you can easily provide yourself with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), improper digestion of nutrients and, as a consequence, weight gain, acne, seborrhea, hypertrichosis and many other “joys”.

To appoint hormonal drugs, you need to conduct a thorough examination.

Necessary analysis and research:

– mammography, ultrasound of the uterus and mammary glands in order to determine the presence of neoplasms;

– a blood test on the hormonal background to choose the right drug and dosage;

– blood test for clotting and glucose level.

Do not complain, please, to the doctor, leaving the office with a list of tests – this is for your own good.
I can not help but touch on this category of hormonal drugs, like steroids. They are used for the treatment of serious diseases, but healthy people find them use, wanting to give the body relief, gain muscle mass and stimulate the process of burning subcutaneous fat. In case of such use, steroid drugs cause irreparable damage to the body, and especially women suffer. The synthesized hormone testosterone, which is the basis of these drugs, with prolonged admission leads to amenorrhea, infertility and development of male sexual characteristics.

In the case of using steroids to build muscle mass can cause irreparable damage to the body, and especially women suffer.
Concluding the article, I want to note that harmful hormones can lie in wait for you where you do not suspect – in ordinary food. And if the drugs are more or less clear, then how much and what they pricked into meat before it got to you on the table is completely unknown. I do not want to accuse all producers indiscriminately, but life shows that unscrupulous and irresponsible people whose main goal is to get the maximum profit are found in any spheres of our life. The same hens are sometimes fed hormonal drugs to stimulate growth and weight gain, and these drugs are allowed and freely sold in vetaptekah.

What do we get when eating meat stuffed with hormones? In the best case, allergy, as hormones hit the adrenal glands and do not allow them to produce the right amount of cortisol for boron

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