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Cabinet bleaching – it does not hurt anymore.
Previously, dentists used ultraviolet lamps – their heating and was the cause of painful sensations. Now specialists work with “cold” light (LED) lamps, and patients are much more comfortable.

There’s no way to whiten your teeth forever.
“Human tissues live and change constantly. Bleaching is a procedure for regular self-care, such as manicure or dyeing of hair. You are not surprised that after some time after going to the hairdresser, you grow roots and color returns to the original? “- the example of dentist Andrei Akulovich, MD, clinical director of the brand R.O.C.S.

Whitening can be done quickly
The procedure of clinical bleaching lasts from one to one and a half hours and requires a visit to the dental clinic. “But if you urgently need a snow-white smile to an important event, and there is no time for clinical bleaching – just call” uber for teeth, “advises Saveliy Ashuba, the creator of the service. “A specialist in the new Emalica exit service will come straight to your home or office, and within 45 minutes your teeth will be a few tones whiter.”

The specialist will use the scale to set the shade of the enamel and fix it, so that after the procedure it is possible to compare the result. On the teeth, they put on a special gel cap and start the LED system to activate the drug. For outdoor bleaching in Emalica use cold-light diode lamps that do not produce heat and do not affect the sensitivity of teeth – so that you can immediately eat and drink calmly. The service costs 5000 rubles. Because the procedure is cosmetic, the effect will be less persistent than after clinical bleaching. Use the services of “ditch for teeth” is recommended no more than once a month.
It is impossible to predict how many shades the teeth will bleach.
This is a completely individual story, depending on many factors. If you are guaranteed that your teeth will become whiter than 4-5 or even 6-7 tones, you should think about the professionalism of the dentist.
Do not use whitening paste constantly.
“Month brush your teeth with bleaching paste, two or three months – usual”, – instructs Andrei Akulovich. Alternating is necessary in order to avoid hypersensitivity and related troubles.

Whitening pastes become more effective and sparing.
“Before buying, study the composition. The most modern and carefully working components are enzymes (bromelain, papain) and mineral complexes. They replaced aggressive acids and peroxide compounds. Another important indicator of paste safety is the abrasiveness index (RDA). The lower it is, the better the enamel remains, “explains Andrei Akulovich.

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