By | May 19, 2018

Can not imagine your morning without a sip of freshly brewed coffee, and before work must necessarily run into the coffee shop for a glass of your favorite drink? We tell how to drink coffee and not harm your body.
Give up sugar
It’s no secret that sugar is not useful for anything but good taste sensations. At the same time, one teaspoon of sugar adds 30 kilocalories to your drink. Much more useful natural sweeteners – try instead of sugar add to coffee maple syrup, honey, cinnamon. It is possible that your drink will even taste better.
Use natural milk instead of cream
Cream for coffee often contains a long list of artificial ingredients and a considerable amount of sugar. To make coffee more useful, add it to natural milk. The choice today is very large: in addition to the cow, there are soybean, coconut, almond, banana – they all differ from each other to taste, so you can experiment and choose what you like.
Watch the quantity
“Coffee does not happen a lot” – that’s what any cocktail thinks. But if you overdo it with the amount, you can cause serious damage to health. To find out your personal rate, consult a dietician. On average, a harmless dose – up to three cups a day. Try to choose the minimum amount of serving at the same time – remember that it is not the quantity of the drink that is important to the brain, but the very fact that you drank coffee.

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